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AA8671-Low Voltage 6.75MHz Video Amplifier with Coaxial Communication Receiver
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General Description
AA8671 is a low voltage video amplifier with coaxial communication receiver, which has a 75 ohm video driver with built-in low pass filter, combined with a signal receiver. It supports 3V and 5V operating voltage, and is ideal for video output device, ranging from portable digital still camera and stationary equipment such as DVD player. It incorporates high performance 4-stage LPF which is ideal for removing DAC sampling noise. In addition, ultra-low power consumption is achieved through power saving to under 1uA. It prolongs the battery life of portable device.

¡DOperating voltage, typical +2.8V~+5.5V
¡DOperating temperature range, -40~+85 ¢J
¡DCurrent consumption, 9mA typical
¡DHigh precision voltage gain, 6.0dB +/- 0.3dB
¡DBuilt-in 4-stage LPF, 6.75 MHz/ 100KHz Max. +1.0/-0.5dB, 27 MHz/ 100KHz Typ.-30dB
¡DInternal voltage clamp circuit
¡DDC-coupled (no need to use output capacitors) output
¡DCoaxial Communication Receiver
¡DSmall package, SOT26

¡DPortable devices
¡DDVD player